Jack Sofa Set

Yvonne's Furniture+

Available in :

-grey plush chenille fabric

-grey textured fabric 

-Teal textured fabric

Preselling for Mid December arrival

The Jack recliner sofa collection offers comfort, style and value for any home. Reflects sleek styling,  cozy seating, and smooth upholstery provides relaxation from seat to toe with an easy to reach external handle for operating the reclining mechanism. Update your living room environment with this comfortable, recliner chair it's great for any space and makes it perfect to relax, take a nap or read a book.

Includes 4 Recliners
Fabric Available in grey or teal
Chair Available for $299



Sofa    73"L     39"H  36"Depth

Loveseat    52"L     39"H  36"Depth

Chair   30"L      39"H  36"Depth

Type: Unknown Type